September 16, 2012

Life update (and a sneak peak at the Pebbles costume).

Phew, I have been slacking on my blog lately.
It's been purely unintentional, but Mommy to Maddex has been so busy, along with so many crazy things happening in my personal life.
I took a step away from crafting for a few weeks after my grandfather had passed away. I just didn't have any motivation or creativity to do anything. Hubs and I talked and decided that Maddex and I flying across the ocean for the funeral, two months before we were supposed to PCS to our new duty station, was just not something we could handle. I couldn't even handle this decision, and for weeks I felt so guilty and really regretted it.
But it ended up working out for the better.
I asked my grandmother to send me some of his ashes so I could sprinkle them here in Hawaii, on the harbor that my grandfather had built with his own two hands, and where he had started a sailing club for military spouses. Long story short, my grandma got me in contact with the ladies currently involved in his sailing club, and they planned an absolutely stunning memorial. My grandma was able to fly over for the service, and ended up spending two weeks with us.
Along with that, we were supposed to PCS. That's no longer happening. Hubs is doing an unaccompanied tour (not a deployment) elsewhere for a short time and he leaves in a few weeks, and Maddex and I are staying here. We were also going to take a trip to the mainland to visit all of our family, but due to more circumstances out of our control (i.e., the military), that's not happening either.
So I apologize for being MIA lately, and I apologize that for the next few weeks, I will probably be more MIA as we spend lots of family time together before our goodbyes. It is a lot easier for me to update Mommy to Maddex's Facebook page quickly and regularly, along with posting photos of finished projects, so feel free to follow me there (

Since we are now staying on island for Halloween, my friend Katelyn and I decided to dress ourselves and our kids up as the Flintstones (Wilma, Betty, Pebbles, and Bam Bam). I started with making an adorable Pebbles costume, but when we put it on baby girl, it barely fit her! And it definitely won't fit her more than a month from now! So I have to make a brand new one, and I'm selling the old one. If you know of anyone who would like to rock a 3-6 month Pebbles costume, check the Mommy to Maddex FB page for details!